The WanaKesho Program

WMF team in Kisumu

The WanaKesho Program targets 10-17 year olds, both boys and girls, to be ambassadors for change and agents of personal responsibility, inspired by the life and work of Prof. Wangari Maathai. The aim of this program is to instill the values of courage, integrity and life of purpose at the earliest age possible and to nurture these attributes to adulthood through having conversations with children around the country and showcasing role model stories that they can relate to.

Expected results of WanaKesho include:

  1. Improved knowledge, skills and attitudes towards championing a social cause, and appreciation for the values of integrity and courage.
  2. Integrated values within or outside the current curriculum so as to instil self-agency skills that will enable children to survive and even thrive in a challenging economy.
  3. Interactive programs, including digital platforms, which will enable the young children to learn how to articulate their views on community and national matters.
  4. Propagation of a value-centred or principled-approach to personal and professional success at an early age.

WMF co-founded the Conversations on Education Working Group (CEWG) with the Aga Khan University – East African Institute in July 2016, so as to initiate and nurture a holistic conversation on Kenya’s education system. This will lead to a strategic roadmap to 21st-century readiness for Kenya’s children, especially those targeted by WanaKesho. 

WMF, in Conjunction with a group of experts, has co-founded the Values and Courageous Leadership Curriculum (VCLC) to come up with a curriculum for Children.

These conversations continue to give background knowledge on the dire situation facing the country and existing efforts to address these challenges, including using a values-oriented education system.


For more information on how to participate in WanaKesho programs, please contact us on